Mission Statement

The mission of the DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival is to bring attention to the creative output from Asian Pacific American (APA) communities and encourage the artistic development of APA talent, arts, and films in the greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Region.

Our mission embodies the following goals:

  • To raise public awareness of APA talent, arts & media
  • To encourage and promote the artistic development of APA artists of all creative arts
  • To provide arts education opportunities, with particular outreach to APA youth and adults
  • To raise awareness and act as a catalyst for the discussion of issues affecting APA communities
  • To bring diverse people together, to promote artistic and social interactions
  • To sponsor and operate a DC APA Film Festival annually



Contact Us

Address: APA Film, Inc. | 1629 K st NW Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202-796-9680
Email: info@apafilm.org


APA Film Staff

Executive Director: Christian Oh - christian@apafilm.org

Festival Director: Judy Go Wong – judy@apafilm.org

Programming Director: Zhibo Lai – zhibo@apafilm.org

Finance Director: Rong Wang – rong@apafilm.org

Operations & Hospitality Director: Judy Go Wong – judy@apafilm.org

Creative Director: Jiho Sohn - jiho@apafilm.org

Marketing Director: Dave Yoon - dave@apafilm.org


APA Film Board of Directors

President: Christian Oh – christian@apafilm.org

Vice President: Sonny Izon – sonny@apafilm.org

Treasurer: Rong Wang – rong@apafilm.org

Secretary: Shimin Day – shimin@apafilm.org

Officer: Judy Go Wong – judy@apafilm.org

Officer: Zhibo Lai -- zhibo@apafilm.org